Class MailAddressResolver

  extended by hudson.tasks.MailAddressResolver
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public abstract class MailAddressResolver
extends Object
implements ExtensionPoint

Infers e-mail addresses for the user when none is specified.

This is an extension point of Hudson. Plugins tha contribute new implementation of this class should put Extension on your implementation class, like this:

 class MyMailAddressResolver extends MailAddressResolver {


User identity in Hudson is global, and not specific to a particular job. As a result, mail address resolution only receives User, which by itself doesn't really have that much information in it.

So the common technique for a mail address resolution is to define your own UserProperty types and add it to User objects where more context is available. For example, an SCM implementation can have a lot more information about a particular user during a check out, so that would be a good place to capture information as UserProperty, which then later used by a MailAddressResolver.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface hudson.ExtensionPoint
Field Summary
static List<MailAddressResolver> LIST
          Deprecated. as of 1.286 Use all() for read access and Extension for registration.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static ExtensionList<MailAddressResolver> all()
          Returns all the registered MailAddressResolver descriptors.
abstract  String findMailAddressFor(User u)
          Infers e-mail address of the given user.
static String resolve(User u)
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Field Detail


public static final List<MailAddressResolver> LIST
Deprecated. as of 1.286 Use all() for read access and Extension for registration.
All registered MailAddressResolver implementations.

Constructor Detail


public MailAddressResolver()
Method Detail


public abstract String findMailAddressFor(User u)
Infers e-mail address of the given user.

This method is called when a User without explicitly configured e-mail address is used, as an attempt to infer e-mail address.

The normal strategy is to look at the projects that the user is participating, then use the repository information to infer the e-mail address.

When multiple resolvers are installed, they are consulted in order and the search will be over when an address is inferred by someone.

Since MailAddressResolver is singleton, this method can be invoked concurrently from multiple threads.

null if the inference failed.


public static String resolve(User u)


public static ExtensionList<MailAddressResolver> all()
Returns all the registered MailAddressResolver descriptors.

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