Package hudson

Interface Summary
ExtensionPoint Marker interface that designates extensible components in Hudson that can be implemented by plugins.
FeedAdapter<E> Provides a RSS feed view of the data.
FilePath.FileCallable<T> Code that gets executed on the machine where the FilePath is local.
PluginStrategy Pluggability point for how to create PluginWrapper.

Class Summary
AbstractMarkupText Common part between MarkupText and MarkupText.SubText.
BulkChange Transaction-like object that can be used to make a bunch of changes to an object, and defer the until the end.
CloseProofOutputStream OutputStream that blocks CloseProofOutputStream.close() method.
DependencyRunner Runs a job on all projects in the order of dependencies
DescriptorExtensionList<T extends Describable<T>,D extends Descriptor<T>> ExtensionList for holding a set of Descriptors, which is a group of descriptors for the same extension point.
DNSMultiCast Registers a DNS multi-cast service-discovery support.
EnvVars Environment variables.
ExtensionComponent<T> Discovered Extension object with a bit of metadata for Hudson.
ExtensionFinder Discovers the implementations of an extension point.
ExtensionFinder.Sezpoz The default implementation that looks for the Extension marker.
ExtensionList<T> Retains the known extension instances for the given type 'T'.
ExtensionListView Compatibility layer for legacy manual registration of extension points.
FilePath File like object with remoting support.
FileSystemProvisioner Prepares and provisions workspaces for AbstractProjects.
FileSystemProvisioner.Default Default implementation that doesn't rely on any file system specific capability, and thus can be used anywhere that Hudson runs.
FileSystemProvisionerDescriptor Descriptor for FileSystemProvisioner.
Functions Utility functions used in views.
Functions.RunUrl URL decomposed for easier computation of relevant URLs.
GlobalMessage Allows custom messages to be added to each page.
Indenter<J extends Job> Used by projectView.jelly to indent modules.
Launcher Starts a process.
Launcher.LocalLauncher Launcher that launches process locally.
Launcher.RemoteLauncher Launches processes remotely by using the given channel.
LauncherDecorator Decorates Launcher so that one can intercept executions of commands and alters the command being executed, such as doing this in fakeroot, sudo, pfexec, etc.
LocalPluginManager PluginManager
Lookup Type-safe instance map.
Main Entry point to Hudson from command line.
MarkupText Mutable representation of string with HTML mark up.
PermalinkList List of PermalinkProjectAction.Permalinks with some convenience methods.
Plugin Base class of Hudson plugin.
Plugin.DummyImpl Dummy instance of Plugin to be used when a plugin didn't supply one on its own.
PluginFirstClassLoader classLoader which use first /WEB-INF/lib/*.jar and /WEB-INF/classes before core classLoader you must use the pluginFirstClassLoader true in the maven-hpi-plugin
PluginManager Manages PluginWrappers.
PluginManager.FailedPlugin Remembers why a plugin failed to deploy.
PluginMarkerAPT6 This is moved from maven-hpi-plugin for annotation processing.
PluginWrapper Represents a Hudson plug-in and associated control information for Hudson to control Plugin.
Proc External process wrapper.
Proc.LocalProc Locally launched process.
Proc.RemoteProc Retemoly launched process via Channel.
ProxyConfiguration HTTP proxy configuration.
ResponseHeaderFilter This filter allows you to modify headers set by the container or other servlets that are out of your control.
StructuredForm Obtains the structured form data from StaplerRequest.
SystemQuietingDownGlobalMessage Global message which inform users that the system is shutting down.
TcpSlaveAgentListener Listens to incoming TCP connections from JNLP slave agents and CLI.
TcpSlaveAgentListener.ConnectionFromCurrentPeer Connection terminated because we are reconnected from the current peer.
UDPBroadcastFragment Extension point that contributes an XML fragment to the UDP broadcast.
UDPBroadcastThread Monitors a UDP multicast broadcast and respond with the location of the Hudson service.
Util Various utility methods that don't have more proper home.
WorkspaceSnapshot Represents a workspace snapshot created by FileSystemProvisioner.
XmlFile Represents an XML data file that Hudson uses as a data file.

Enum Summary
FilePath.TarCompression Supported tar file compression methods.
Platform Strategy object that absorbs the platform differences.

Exception Summary
AbortException Signals a failure where the error was anticipated and diagnosed.

Annotation Types Summary
CopyOnWrite Represents fields that are protected for concurrency by the copy-on-write semantics.
Extension Marks a field, a method, or a class for automatic discovery, so that Hudson can locate implementations of ExtensionPoints automatically.
ExtensionPoint.LegacyInstancesAreScopedToHudson Used by designers of extension points (direct subtypes of ExtensionPoint) to indicate that the legacy instances are scoped to Hudson instance.
RelativePath Used in conjunction with QueryParameter to refer to nearby parameters that belong to different parents.
RestrictedSince Accompanies Depricated annotation to indicate when the access restriction was placed.

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